Special Programs for Kids

At Putnam Dental Associates, we truly love children. We believe that if kids start dental visits and oral healthcare education at a young age, they are more likely to have good oral health as adults. They will also have very little anxiety regarding dental visits later in life.

We start treating children as young as three, and we recommend bringing them in at an even earlier age. That way, they can tour our fun facility, filled with toys and games, and they can join our awesome Kids’ Cavity Club. When children come in twice a year for their dental exams, and we do not detect any cavities, they can place a star on our office wall. We also offer ongoing seminars for new parents so they can learn how to better educate their children in dental health.

Some of our special programs include: 

  • No Cavity Club
  • Cavity Free Tree
  • Contests and Events
  • Rewards and Recognition

No Cavity Club Winner

No Cavity Club Winner

Congratulations to Sean Cillo (age 8) - the latest winner of the No Cavity Club Quarterly Prize drawing! Way to go Sean!