Never Feel Terrified of Going to the Dentist Again

Learn about our sedation services in Brewster, NY

Have you avoided going to the dentist due to dental anxiety or a health condition? You're not alone- many residents in Brewster, NY struggle with the same issues. Putnam Dental Associates has a solution: sedation.

We offer sedation services to take the stress out of routine cleanings or invasive procedures. Schedule a consultation at your convenience.

Is sedation right for you?

We want your dental experience to be as pleasant as possible. That's why we offer the following sedation services to our patients in Brewster, NY:

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), a mild sedative that you can inhale through a small mask
Oral sedation, which involves taking small pills the night before or day of your procedure
IV sedation, which works immediately and could help you sleep through the whole procedure

Your dentist can review your medical history and help you decide which sedation option would be most comfortable and convenient for you.

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