Putnam Dental Associates Patient Experience Survey

  • How far do you travel to get to Putnam Dental?
  • Has our office and staff created an overall exceptional dental visit experience for you?
  • CosmeticFunctionComfortLongevity 
    With regards to dentistry, please rate the following four (4) values on a scale from 1-4 (1 = most important; 4 = least important) as they relate to you
  • Did our staff make appointing for your dental treatment or hygiene visit easy?
  • Did our staff explain dental treatment options to you and offer you a chance to ask questions?
  • Was the dental treatment you received exceptional and delivered with care?
  • Did our staff convey financial obligations and arrangements clearly?
  • Did our staff listen to your needs and address your concern(s)?
  • Did our staff follow up your appointment with a phone call and answer any questions?
  • Would you refer a friend or family member to Putnam Dental?
  • Would you consider posting a positive online review on Google or Yelp etc.?
  • 8 + 7 =