Westchester Dental Hygienists' Association Outstanding Contributions in the Community Award

On Saturday, November 4, 2017 the entire Hygiene team at Putnam Dental Associates was awarded the prestigious Westchester Dental Hygienists’ Association, Inc., Outstanding Contributions in the Community Award, an award given to those who exemplify volunteerism with a common denominator to improve the lives of those in need.
This year, the Westchester Dental Hygienists’ Association Inc. decided to nominate not a particular individual, but an entire dental office for their teamwork approach to improve the lives of those they serve, and endless contribution to the underserved population within their community and overseas. According to WDHA President, Josephine Booth, RDH, BA, “Putnam Dental Associates is a multifaceted office that really shows how to put the word team into teamwork. Throughout the year this office holds various events and seminars with their community, Education and awareness is their goal, whether it’s providing oral cancer screenings, HPV seminars, oral health and wellness, pregnancy/baby dental care, sleep apnea and various dental concerns, Putnam Dental Associates provides important information to help individuals improve their quality of life.”
According to Booth, “Putnam Dental Associates is an amazing office and an excellent example of volunteerism. Their dedication to those in need comes from their heart. They work year round to make our world a better place providing education, compassion and care. The Westchester Dental Hygienists’ Association is very proud to nominate Putnam Dental Associates for their Outstanding Contributions in the Community.”