Our Hygiene Team

Our hygienists at Putnam Dental Associates have over 70 years experience between them. They are dedicated to the overall health of their patients and the meticulous care given to them. Each patient is treated as family and the personal bonds that go with it. Many of our patients have been with our office for over 40 years. Our new patients are wowed by the attention given to them and the culture of our office. "It is truly an experience, not an appointment" when our patients step through the door.

Our hygiene team are always following up with continuing education courses for our up-to-date standard of care. They provide the use of digital x-rays with 90% less radiation, oral cancer screening with a Velscope (blue halogen light that fluoresces the tissue), periodic periodontal charting (measurement of the attachment of the gum to the tooth), Periodontal therapy with laser decontamination, the use of the laser Diagnodent to detect deays, Acucam photos (pictures detecting any changes or destruction of tooth structure), use of topical and nitrous oxide as part of their comfort menu and continual education on research with the mouth and body connection.

The hygiene mission statement is as follows...Our purpose is to build our patient's trust by providing the highest quality care through educating and helping them achieve optimal oral and whole body health in a fun and loving atmosphere. You will not be disappointed with the experience of our Putnam Dental Hygiene department!

Dentist, Brewster NY

Francine Capalbo


Fran has worked with Putnam Dental Associates for over 40 years! She is certified in Dental Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide Administration. In addition, Fran has a certification in a Low Glycemic Weight Management Program and is considered an industry expert in health and wellness. Fran is passionate about overall health and has introduced Nutrametrix in many healthcare professional offices, including Putnam Dental Associates.

Fran and her husband Tom have a son named Tommy, and in her spare time she enjoys gardening and considers the gym her "second home".

Changing the health of her patients is Fran's passion and Fran has been pivotal in ensuring that Putnam Dental is always at the forefront of technology.

Dentist, Brewster NY

Dawn Zindler


Dawn has been with Putnam Dental Associates for over 21 years. She has a degree in Business, as well as a Cosmetology license.

Dawn and her husband Eric have three sons, Eric, Zach and Ryan and a yellow lab named Rosie. She plays soccer every week and in her spare time brings her 3 sons to hockey and soccer events.

According to Dawn, "I love getting to know my patients and helping them with their dental needs. I love getting to work with such a great team of people."

Dentist, Brewster NY

Toni Viau


Toni has been with Putnam Dental Associates for over 30 years. She is certified in Dental Anesthesia and Nitrous Oxide Administration.

Toni and her husband Peter have three children; Sam, Claire and Peter. She is an animal lover and has 2 dogs of her own, Otis and Annie.

According to Toni, "I treat my patients like they are my family."