Financing and Insurance Options

Financing and Insurance Options

People often want to know if we accept certain insurances.

You take the safety and well-being of you and your family’s health seriously. As with ensuring a balanced diet and exercise, or getting treatment for an illness or injury, your choice in a local dentist is a critical part of this life approach.

Every day, patients choose to go out of network and visit Putnam Dental Associates to receive the best quality dental care and services from expert professionals in a healthy environment in which they are comfortable.

Out-of-Network Basics

Dental insurance plans help pay dental costs by setting up a network of dentists, under contract to the insurance company, to provide services at a discounted fee. Patients are free to choose a dental provider within the network; however, many plans also allow patients to select a dentist outside of the network.

Patients who opt for an out of network dentist are often able to use the available benefits from within their existing dental insurance plan to help offset costs. If this is not possible, some patients work with the out of network dentist to understand the practice’s service fee schedule or the amounts that insurance does not cover.

Why Patients Choose Putnam Dental Associates

Every day patients refer to the services they receive from Putnam Dental Associates as “the best dental experience I have ever had”. This level of patient satisfaction and loyalty is something we do not take for granted. At Putnam Dental Associates, we have made conscious decisions to ensure that our practice offers only the highest quality dental care utilizing only the most advanced dental technology. We are quite literally ground-breakers on new dental technology and solutions.

We have found, on too many occasions, dental insurance carriers often dictate what treatment our patients should receive. We treat patients solely on their individual dental needs and wants. We do not treat according to what your insurance carrier will or will not cover. Your oral health is of the utmost importance, and it is our mission to ensure your mouth is a healthy one.

Whenever possible, we will try to assist you and guide you to be able to best utilize and maximize your benefits, and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Having said that, it is very important for you to be aware of your individual benefits and limitations so that any issues or misgivings can be prevented.

We strive to give every patient the highest quality of dentistry and total patient care unlike no other. You deserve the very best, and your oral health is a vital part of your overall well-being.

Ultimately, the fees are the responsibility of the patient regardless of whether or not they have insurance. All payments are due on or before the day of treatment.

For your convenience, we accept cash, personal checks, all major credit cards, and offer financing through CareCredit and Lending Club. View Application and Payment Calculator Here

Family Savings Plan

Here at Putnam Dental, we are always looking for ways to assist our patients. The Family Savings Plan is an affordable option from our family to yours. Annual premiums are very low with a wide coverage of FREE preventative dental care as well as great discounts on other procedures and dental needs.
100% Coverage on the Following:

  • Comprehensive Exam (New patient, initial visit)
  • Periodic Exam (1 per year) (Child under age of 14, 2 per year)
  • Periapical (x-ray), First Film
  • Periapical (x-ray), Each Additional Film
  • Bitewings 7-8 X-rays (1 time per year)
  • Child Prophylaxis cleaning- (Under age 14, 2 per year)
  • Adult Prophylaxis cleaning -(2 per year)
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Fluoride (2 per year, no age limit)
  • Fillings- (1 per year free)
  • Other services are all discounted.