A Family Dentistry Practice That Truly Cares about You and Your Loved Ones

Putnam Dental Associates is a true family dentistry practice in Brewster, NY. We want to create such a fun, stress-free, and safe environment that you bring your entire family for years to come. From age 8 to 88, we provide dental care for all ages, equipping patients with the education and care they need to achieve and maintain their oral health. Our team of dental professionals work hard to provide a "dental Disneyland." When you walk through our doors, you will find a fun environment where laughter is always welcome. Our friendly and kind team members are always ready and willing to serve you. We look forward to getting to know you personally, and your comfort and care is our ultimate priority.

Doctors Who Care About You

When Dr. Ern opened Putnam Dental Associates in 1997, it was important to create an atmosphere where families always felt welcome. Dr. Ern enjoys getting to know his patients and their families personally. He takes great pleasure in providing them with the ultimate in comfort and care. That standard of service is what sets the pace for Putnam Dental as a whole. Since adding Dr. Cafarelli, Dr. Ferranti, Dr. Holz, and Dr. Zusin to the practice, we have continued on with that tradition of excellence.

When to serve you you walk through our doors, you will find a fun environment where laughter is always welcome. Our friendly and kind team members are always ready and willing

Each of our doctors puts patients first and enjoys forming long-lasting relationships. We are continually looking for new opportunities to advance our knowledge and skill set. Our team takes pride in the work they perform. However, it brings them even greater joy when their patients leave encouraged and with big smiles on their faces.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

Family dentistry has many benefits. When you get to know your dentist personally and receive treatment from the same person year after year, we can provide you with the best care possible. At Putnam Dental Associates, we know that if you feel safe enough to bring your child, as a parent, you are more likely to become a patient as well.

We can provide care for all ages. Our comprehensive services include dental exams, x-rays, oral scans that detect gum disease and cancer, dental fillings, implants, dental crowns, and much more. As you and your family grow up with Putnam Dental, we will have your health history at hand. Therefore, we will know the right procedure to recommend for you at the right time.

As part of the financing solutions we provide, we have a family savings plan so you can budget accordingly. Whether you have insurance or you are paying out of pocket, we have several additional solutions to choose from.

Importance of Ongoing Education

Our team believes in educating patients, giving them the tools they need to achieve impeccable oral health for years to come. One of the ways we provide these tools is by conducting seminars on topics including sedation, implants, and overall health and wellness. We also provide seminars for young mothers and women planning on becoming mothers. When parents are fully educated, we know they will feel confident training their children on oral healthcare.

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