Dental Cleaning During COVID-19: Everything You Need to Know

Keeping up with your dental hygiene should always be a necessity, now more than ever, as your mouth is the gateway to your overall health.  COVID-19 has taken over our lives, molding how we make our decisions and the daily activities we participate in, many being by passed because of fear or caution.   

We are here to tell you that skipping your dental cleaning should never be one of those bypassed activities.  In today’s health climate, keep your mouth healthy is one of the most imperative ways to ensure that your health stays intact. 

Why are dental cleanings so important? 

  1. During a professional dental cleaning, it’s easy for your dentist to detect early signs of problems such as broken fillings and fractures 

  1. A strong link exists between cardiovascular disease and gum disease. Because getting your teeth cleaned twice a year helps prevent gum disease, it can also reduce your chances of potentially deadly heart attacks and strokes. 

According to Women's Health Magazine, “If your area is experiencing a downturn in COVID-19 cases and has allowed dental offices to open for non-emergency procedures, you can (and perhaps should) get your teeth cleaned.” 

As the fall season approaches and the threat of increased COVID-19 rates become a potential reality here in New York, it is important to take care of your health.  Come see us now to prevent any future issues that will leave you in pain and in a dire situation.  We are here to help and to keep you healthy.