Behind the PPE- Josephine

Putnam Dental Associates 

Everyone here at PDA misses you all so much! We’re so happy to see some of your smiling faces back in the office. We know it’s hard for you to see us behind these shields & masks, but we very much look forward to seeing you! 

We wanted to take a moment out to Highlight our Team & help us reconnect ourselves with our wonderful patients.  

Without further ado, this week we have:


 -Josephine, Front Desk Team Member

We're sure you recognize our Ms. Josephine, as she is one of the first welcoming & friendly smiles you're greeted by at PDA. She exudes comfort and compassion that carries through to our patient's appointments!

Get to know the Putnam Dental Associates Team behind the visors and the masks!

"Let me start off by saying how lucky I am to be part of this great team here at Putnam Dental! 

During quarantine, I really had trouble remembering what day it was. I feel like I was either going food shopping or planning to go food shopping.

I spent time with my 3 children (not so little any longer). We very much enjoyed watching movies together and having fun with bake-offs. In all sincerity what I was most appreciative of was the time spent with my dogs Max 14 1/2 and Mickey 13, the life of animals was too short. Anyone else a pet lover like myself?

Turns out I'm, not to shabby at my new little hobby I've taken on, my cricut maker machine. Being a Disney fan, I found myself making many shirts and tumblers, haha. I've gone as far as converting a corner of my room to a craft space and I have to say, I'm loving it!

Just remember-

We are in this together . I am confident in saying that soon it will all be behind us!"