Behind the PPE- Dr. Izaguirre

Putnam Dental Associates 

Everyone here at PDA misses you all so much! We’re so happy to see some of your smiling faces back in the office. We know it’s hard for you to see us behind these shields & masks, but we very much look forward to seeing you! 

We wanted to take a moment out to Highlight our Team & help us reconnect ourselves with our wonderful patients.  

Without further ado, this week we have:


 -Dr. Izaguirre- Dentist

What a gem of a Dentist, she's kind, gentle, and just warms our hearts.

Get to know the Putnam Dental Associates Team behind the visors and the masks!

"During my time off I've just been appreciating all this newfound time to spend with my family. I learned lots of new dished and made my own pizza for the first time! Not gonna lie- I binged on a lot of Netflix shows too haha!The best days were by the fire with my husband and siblings outside with a glass of wine. We have been taking little weekend getaways to nearby places to get some much-needed beach time lately. Most recently, we have been doing some outdoor dining it's been a delight to support our favorite local restaurants."
Hidden underneath all of this PPE, I'm still smiling every time I see your familiar faces!