Root Canal

Root Canal

Root Canal treatment is a common procedure in which the pulp of a severely damaged tooth is removed in order to prevent the loss of the tooth. When a tooth becomes severely decayed, cracked, or damaged by trauma, the pulp of the tooth can become infected or inflamed, making root canal therapy necessary. Since the pulp is where the nerves are located, many feel pain or increased sensitivity when they apply pressure to the tooth, especially when chewing. Delaying treatment for a toothache increases the chances of losing the tooth entirely. If the tooth is infected, there is also a chance that the infection will cause an abscessed tooth, leading to bone loss, facial swelling, and drainage problems.

Root Canal Treatment

Due to advancements in dental technology, patients need not fear root canal treatment anymore. After x-rays have been taken to assess the extent of the damage, we apply anesthesia to numb the area around the tooth. Next, a hole is drilled into the tooth to remove the decayed tissue, including the pulp, and clear the root canals of decayed tissue and bacteria.

When the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, the root canals are sealed with sealer paste and a rubber compound. We then fill the rest of the tooth with regular filling material. If further structural reinforcement to the tooth is needed, we may place a crown or other restoration on the tooth.

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