Patient Appreciation Program

Did you enjoy your experience at Putnam Dental? Have you told anyone?
We have a wonderful program in place that rewards patients who refer a new patient to our office!

There is no greater compliment we can receive at Putnam Dental than when a patient refers our services to a friend or family member! If you'd like to refer someone, please fill out the form to the right to get the process started! We will notify you as appointments and set and held!

Please note: after three referrals, you automatically become a VIP (additional VIP details to come!)

In addition to the rewards mentioned below, we also run a quarterly patient raffle with the winner receiving a prize valued at $400! This quarter's prize is a YETI package. In addition, every month, we will give the patient who has referred the most patients to us a special gift. This quarter we will be giving away a YETI tumbler every month!

Patient Appreciation Program Referral

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