Meet Your Doctor, Gianna Ferranti, DDS

Meet Your Doctor, Gianna Ferranti, DDS

‚ÄčNot many people can say they knew what they wanted to be when they grew up, and even less can say they are currently working in that field today. Many of our childhood dreams "to become an astronaut", or what have you, burn out throughout our schooling and new goals and aspirations arise. Many individuals today go through all of their schooling without the faintest idea of what they want to be and find themselves working in a job hoping for an inspirational career. I consider myself a rarity in the field of dentistry; my childhood dream job.

As a child, I unfortunately did not have the greatest dental record. I was one of those kids that went for their semiannual check up only to find I had 14 cavities. I know some parents that are cringing at this moment thinking "I know that kid". But I can assure you it was not my fault. I was obsessed with brushing my teeth and just had poor tooth structure. Fortunately, this was probably my parents greatest investment in my health care.

I spent countless hours at our family dentist, located just around the corner from our home. I had become so comfortable with the procedures that I would watch them through a mirror overhead. I'll never forget the day my dentist turned to my mother and said "if she doesn't become a dentist it would be a waste of good talent". I decided right then and there, at age seven, to pursue that goal and life long career.

"A waste of good talent" may seem like an obscure way to characterize dentistry, but let me explain why this made such sense to me then and even more so now. Dentistry is so much more than drilling and filling teeth. It is a social science, and an art. I take pride in my ability to emotionally uplift my patients, keep them calm and comfortable, and brighten the smiles on their faces. I also take exceptional pride in my dental work. I hold myself to the highest standards of care and continuously look for ways to continue to advance my knowledge and clinical expertise.

My name is Gianna Ferranti, DDS, and I am a graduate of Siena College where I majored in biology and was a member of their division 1 soccer team. After graduating college in three and a half years, I was fortunate to be accepted to my top choice for dental school, SUNY Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine. I completed my General Practice Residency at the North Texas Veterans Affairs Hospital in Dallas, Texas. When I looked at my life through the eyes of that seven year old child, it seemed like I'd be going to school forever. Forever has arrived. I have been practicing for the past three years, and I am so grateful to be in the career that I love, providing world class dental care with a personalized touch.