Dental Services for Young Patients

It is extremely important for children to see the dentist for dental cleanings every six months. Children’s teeth are very sensitive and easily susceptible to tooth decay. Routine exams and x-rays are the only way to check for cavities. For this reason, we offer cleanings and exams for children as young as three.

During your child’s appointment, your dentist can also provide fluoride supplements. Fluoride is crucial for developing healthy tooth enamel. In most cases, your dentist will apply a topical gel or varnish after each cleaning. If necessary, he or she can also provide at-home fluoride treatments. After your child’s molars have come in, your dentist can also apply dental sealants. This liquid plastic coating will create a barrier over teeth, protecting against harmful bacteria, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Routine pediatric dental exams and x-rays will also allow your dentist to keep an eye on jaw and speech development, especially if your child sucks his or her thumb.